Learn to Nourish Yourself!

Customized Therapeutic Meal Plans

How this can help you -

  • Experience the rhythm of a sustaining and satisfying way of eating that increases your overall wellness AND that you find satisfying

  • Learn by the implementation of your personalized plan

  • See alternatives of how to put your recommendations together into a actionable plan

  • Reduce confusion over food choices and enhance your knowledge of new foods, herbs, spices and cooking methods

  • Learn the art of cooking less often, yet eating more home cooked foods

  • Create new habits around feeding yourself and family

  • Maintain accountability by having a plan that you are invested in


What it includes -

  • 1 - Two week (14day) personalized meal plan provided in a .pdf format

  • Built in flexibility based on your expressed preferences

  • Customized recipes and basic cooking instruction as needed

  • Support for in the home and on the go eating

  • 2 – 1 week shopping lists

  • Personalized holistic nutrition reminders such as hydration, intuitive and mindful eating, physical movement, breathing, balance and self compassion

  • Open change policy until you are completely satisfied for 1 month after the delivery of your plan


                  Personalized around YOUR  -

  • specific therapeutic needs based on current medical diagnosis, food allergies/intolerances and overall health goals

  • food preferences

  • level of culinary experience, budget and desired time in the kitchen

  • schedule and lifestyle


Considers family dynamics and preferences for shared meals

Strong emphasis on less processed foods yet not overly complicated

Guaranteed to be an implementable, personalized eating plan that meets all your therapeutic needs and gets a passing delightfulness score J


What this plan is not-

  • This is not a portion regulated plan. It is not intended for weight gain or loss unless we are working together on a medical need for this.

  • Your plan will not provide a scientific breakdown of every nutrient like it’s a science experiment.  It will contain specific measurements that are of high importance for your personalized knowledge and needs.


Take Out


2- Customized 1-week  Satisfying and Seasonal  

- Therapeutic Meal Plans, designed specifically for you.

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