Anorexia Nervosa Nutrition Support for Adolescents

A qualified nutritionist is an integral part of both Family–based treatment (the Maudsley Approach) as well as support post inpatient or day hospital programs for Anorexia Nervosa (AN). If you are unfamiliar with the success of Family–based Treatment of AN, please visit the Maudsley Parents website.


What to expect from family and adolescent nutrition counseling for Anorexia Nervosa

- note: it is necessary to have a physicians approval and a mental health counselor on board to offer these services


  • Work with a board certified clinical nutritionist experienced with multiple nutrition intervention approaches for adolescents with AN. Many health insurance plans are accepted.

  • Development of staged meal plans and caretaker support for implementation of these plans to achieve weight restoration or maintenance.

  • High consideration of the quality of food used during the weight restoration period. 

  • Support with transition of eating control back to the adolescent post weight restoration milestones.

  • Support adolescent with transition off the use of meal plans.

  • Co-development of appropriate food related parental boundaries.

  • Positive nutrition/ food - mind /body relationship coaching to include addressing food rules and disordered thoughts and beliefs around fear foods and their effect on the body.

  • Support post weight restoration in helping the adolescent act on their inherent hunger and satiety cues.

  • Nutrition based coaching for successfully choosing foods and appropriate quantities when eating away from home.




It is required that the adolescent has a medical check up with a qualified practitioner prior to starting nutrition treatment.


Free inital visit for the caretakers of children and adolescents with diagnosed or suspected eating disorders. 




The University of Maryland has put together a comprehensive summary for the symptoms and treatment options of eating disorders

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