Discover the Power of Food!


Providing personalized nutrition prescriptions to help you look and feel your best.

 Based on traditional wisdom, scientific research and clinical observation; changing the what, why and how we nourish ourselves can significantly change our lives.

Whether it's small steps or big ones... providing nutrition support for:


  • Family and Pediatric Nutrition

  • Fertility and Pregnancy

  • Healthy aging

  • Pickey eaters

  • Unwanted eating habits


  • Fatigue

  • Slow metabolism

  • Sugar cravings

  • Digestive Disorders

  • Food allergies and intolerances


  • Hypertension

  • Cholesterol concerns

  • Illness and injury recovery

  • Cancer treatment and recovery 

  • Pre-Diabetes and Diabetes

  • PCOS​

  • Anxiety 

  • Depression

  • OCD 



  • Autoimmune disorders

  • Thyroid support

  • Low testosterone

  • Easing the Symptoms of Menopause


  • Bacterial and yeast overgrowth

  • Acid reflux and GERD

  • Support for elimination, SIBO, FODMAP, SCD, GAPS, Autoimmune Paleo, ketogenic and other therapeutic diets



Providing personalized, holistic nutrition prescriptions; and support to implement them

In-office nutrition visits for Gig Harbor, Washington

Phone nutrition consultations available

Many health insurance plans accepted


Reduce confusion around food choices

"Eat fat, don't eat fat, eat meat, don’t eat meat, eat grains, don't eat grains... Ugh! stop the madness!  


Get Support for your doctors dietary recomendations.


 YOU are ultimately your best nutritionist.

Stop "dieting"

Popular Diets are RARELY successful for sustained weight loss. Forget about the numbers and lets focus on a new approach to acheive your health and vitality goals.


Learn how to nourish your body deliciously without boredom, deprivation or guilt.

Praise ...



"When first seeing Cheryl Quinn about my weight and eating habits, I was instantly comfortable. Cheryl not only had a lot of “good food” choice ideas and recipes, she was also able to find a food interaction with one of my medications. I felt she looked at the bigger picture. Since seeing Cheryl I have been able to get off 2 of my medications!"  Barbara- Gig Harbor


"Working with Cheryl is enlightening. She listens well and helps me to see that my beliefs and understanding about nutrition and foods are not based on contemporary scientific findings. Cheryl’s suggestions are respectful, creative and meet me right where I am at. Thank you Cheryl!"

Dawn W


"I have been filled with hope. It was nice to have someone take time and listen. I was so glad to feel understood. I look forward to working with you until my health is where I want it to be." BK

Quinn Nutrition Counseling

Cheryl Quinn MS, RDN | Family and Clinical Nutritionist

Registered Dietitian Nutritionist, Board Certified Nutrition Specialist

Gig Harbor, Washington

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